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    When I first purchased my Bold 9930 I had issues that took Rim Tech support 3 days to fix they had trouble reloading the OS on my device. But after that smooth sailing until today I started noticing I was not receiving emails and the spinning clock was showing its ugly self.

    I spent most of the day on the phone with VZW and Rim Tech Support and the final answer was the device had hardware issues and it could not be repaired so I am getting a new one shipped over night. This just brings back horrible memories of past blackberry's and the issues with them. Also VZW does not speak highly of Blackberry devices they asked why I didn't like my old Droid Incredible.

    At this point I am going to cut my losses and sell the new device and return to my droid for now and hopefully Rim improves on their devices so I can feel more comfortable purchasing one. I am not trying to deter anyone from buying a new bold its a great device I just can't take a chance again.
    09-26-11 07:03 PM
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    I've had an 8330, 9650, and my 9930 will be in my hands at this time tomorrow. Excluding only four months of Windows Mobile 6.5 in there somewhere (it's painful, I don't wanna talk about it), I can say that I've been a BlackBerry owner since October of 2008.

    In that amount of time, I've had one issue with my BlackBerries. One. My screen on the 9650 started to stripe and VZW replaced it without any hassle.

    Where are y'all finding all these alleged issues with RIM's devices?
    09-26-11 07:17 PM
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    Take a chance? LOL, it's a phone, a piece of electronics, not a life or death making decision.

    See you, the forums will be better without complaining trolls like you.
    If you read the other post i am one of the most positive persons here I am not knocking the bold just stating the facts thats not a Troll!
    09-26-11 07:23 PM
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    Well if it was working for a while, it means it doesn't have any hardware defects. You not attempting to seek help here made me say that, sorry

    If you are willing to give it another chance, we are here to help.

    Should you decide to leave BlackBerry, you will regret it within a few minutes when you miss all the things that you took for granted when you had blackberry, like push email, the ability to have a diff. notification, lef, tone, for every diff. event, the ease of navigating through the menus and the simplicity of BlackBerry, it just works!

    If you decide to give it another go. Simply wiping your device and starting out from scratch will resolve these weird issues that usually happen when you have either done a device transfer from an older OS that is causing incompatibility issues or weird stuff. or have restored a backup from an OS 6 device without ensuring to remove all the app permissions (which were relevant to the old OS 6 apps) when restoring the backup
    The issue with my device started on day one! It would not function at all and it took Rim and myself 3 hours to reload the OS which at the time they considered the device a possible DOA!

    But fortunately it worked until today and another 4 hours to reload the OS and it made the device worse so Rim declared it DOA and thats why I am getting a new not refurbished device.

    At this time Rim admitted early software had some issues that may of caused my issues. I also asked about battery life which mine was good and he would no elaborate.

    I use my device for business and i need to trust it so this has put doubts in my head if you can understand.
    What is pissing me off more is typing this on my android device I hate this keyboard.
    09-26-11 07:59 PM
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    I feel you man, the keyboard on the BB is not comparable to any other. It simply makes the phone worth all your hassle

    don't give up man. give it a last shot
    I have to agree here. Give it a shot. I am a business owner/user as well and this phone is tremendous! I was not sure I wanted to back to a keyboard from an all touch but this device is unreal for getting things done...and then some!

    I think if you get a good device you will feel the same.

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    09-26-11 08:17 PM
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    I received my new replacement only to find that the trackpad was defective! So again Verizon sent me another new device and so far so good! What I really notice is how much faster this one is from the first one I had seems so much different. I just hope this one is a keeper I hate doing device switching.

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    10-01-11 08:43 AM