1. danondorf's Avatar
    Took back my 2nd 9900 today to AT&T and have decided to just stick with my trusty, 9000. Such an awesome phone still. First 9900 I got at launch, had technical issues with the screen sensor, speakerphone and missing calls. Took it back, told myself if the 2nd one I get will be just fine, I'll be totally happy. Got the 2nd one, opened it up and the trackpad was extremely squeaky and clicked off center, and the panel was not flush with the screen, it was raised on the right side and sharp to the touch. The first one I had was perfect.

    Took it back and turns out AT&T only offers one exchange, so I just decided to give up altogether on the 9900 and get a full refund. RIM blows it again. Sticking with the 9000 'til next year I guess.....

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    11-16-11 09:10 PM
  2. totallygone's Avatar
    Oh wow, I went back to my 9700. I am wondering whether to get a torch 9810. Dont know is I could go as far back as the 9000, as great a device as that was.
    11-17-11 12:06 AM