1. Atentozedten's Avatar
    Strange issue I have with my 9900..
    Whenever I sent out a group text while on 4G it takes really long or it comes back as "Retries Exceeded" whereas the moment I switch to EDGE and sent out a group text, it goes immediately without any issues.

    does anyone else experience the same thing?
    02-11-12 12:25 PM
  2. mssca's Avatar
    I think has to do with your service provider. You should call them and complain because it happen to me once and Telus later call me back and said they fixed the issue. I have no problem sending multiple SMS at the same time. But remember the phone just send several SMS messages out even though you see them as a group message.
    02-11-12 12:39 PM
  3. Atentozedten's Avatar
    I called T-Mobile and of course they don't have any clue about this one. I tried multiple methods of making group text work while on 4G but no luck what so ever. Being on EDGE just to send out a group text is getting annoying.
    02-11-12 12:56 PM
  4. Cosconor's Avatar
    I have exactly the same issue (on Orange France network, leaked OS .205) :

    - if I'm on 3G I can't send a SMS that exceeds 2 "parts" (160+160 characters) : nothing works anymore, I can't even make phonecalls, the radio seems to be "stuck" and I have to turn it off or to reboot !

    - if I switch to 2G-only, everything is OK and I can send SMS even with 300+ characters

    It's realy weard and annoying.
    03-07-12 09:12 AM