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    Had 9900 a few weeks now. Confirmed my initial impression. This is the best keyboard on any phone EVER. The phone is smooth fast and worked like a dream from day 1. Torch had nice screen space but I missed my 9000. The 9900 is like welcoming back an old friend. Always thought the 9700 range was designed for ladies not for men with big fingers.
    One thing I don't really understand. Battery life seemed an issue, workable but not great. Now its seems much better, maybe down to installing battery plus. Intending to get first seideo long lifer anyway. If you liked the 9000.. Buy the 9900. Also for reference, I have ipad and imac, and love apple gear, but this phone wins over iphone for me

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    09-17-11 03:55 PM
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    I agree. I love apple and have a macbook but blackberry has won. iPhones are kinda silly compared to this beast.

    to each his own
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    09-17-11 04:18 PM
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    Hopefully this phone sells enough to put RIM back in the running. I love the keyboard and the touch screen is a nice added touch.

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    09-17-11 04:36 PM