1. linuxbbm's Avatar
    Hello all

    I wanna know what's this error 66 is and by the way i have had done 3 re installation of OS that was released a day ago (the first installation and it was working) and then i tried to remove the IT policy which seems impossible to do so

    Then it stopped working, And i have had called my carrier and they suggested as always (BATTERY PULL) and still its been hours and it isn't working while other apps and browser is working fine

    Any help would be appreciated

    06-23-12 03:43 AM
  2. flebbos69's Avatar
    Hi there, solution found:

    1- Problem description: too many applications installed on your Bb device
    2: Solution: Empty memory of your device by deleting all unnecessary BB applications, and only keeping the most important ones not to exceed 10 at a time
    3- Restart your device once delete is done of all unnecessary apps


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    01-14-13 01:16 PM