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    Just after the New Year I wiped my BB with JL_cmder and performed the clean installation of the OS and all apps. Everything works ok except for Google Maps. I keep getting "Serious Error" with both v3.0.1 and v4.5.3 (installed over v3.0.1):

    - Terms & Conditions page (in v3) clears ok
    - the map loads ok and the position (blue dot) gets updated for about one minute
    - then "serious error" message pops-up

    At this point in v3 you can hit Escape key to keep the map open. The position will get updated but the map itself will not, so eventually you end up driving or flying over the white space. In v4 the Escape trick won't work, the app will just close when Escape is hit and there is no way to keep the map open.

    Here are some screenshots from v3.0.1:





    I was always using v3, just to avoid any unexpected problems with Terms & Conditions in the future (T&C page is installed on the phone in v3). I haven't used Google Maps for a few months so I don't know whether the problem is related to the fresh installation done after 2019-Dec-31 or whether something got broken earlier. BB Maps work ok.

    BB 9320
    Google Maps v3.0.1 #3036 Web
    Google Maps v4.5.3 #4674 enterprise
    Data connection: BIS


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    In the later days of my using the Bold 9900, I also had real problems with Google maps when trying to reinstall. It all used to work flawlessly on v4 but then on a rebuild I could never get past v3, and things were just never as good again. It was one of several reasons that I eventually gave up, hung up my PKB, and moved on.
    There are some old threads / guidance notes in this forum, outlining how to install Google maps; have you found and followed those?
    I wish you luck, the Bold was a superb device, and IMHO, the last truly great BlackBerry.
    01-13-20 02:47 AM
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    There are some old threads / guidance notes in this forum, outlining how to install Google maps; have you found and followed those?
    I got all the download links to zip files with different versions of Google Maps from those old threads, but they all deal with the same problem: Terms & Conditions page not loading from Google's server in v4. The easiest solution was just to forget about v4 and use v3 because in v3 T&C page was installed locally on the device, so no separate request was required to be sent to some server just to load that single page. You only needed to connect to the map server to load the maps and there have never been any major problems with this.

    The issue reported in the first post here is different. Terms & Conditions page loads just fine but after that the connection to the map server is lost after about one minute, which triggers "serious error" message.

    Today I actually found a workaround, but it needs to be tested for the next few days. Here is the summary:

    - install v3.0.1
    - if the connection to the map server is lost and "serious error" message pops-up:
    - install v4.5.3
    - if the problem persists in v4.5.3 or Terms & Conditions page doesn't load:
    - uninstall v4.5.3 and reinstall v3.0.1
    - perform battery pull after each install and uninstall

    Now the situation is as follows. The connection to the map server still gets lost (and "serious error" message pops-up) but it will be restored in about 15 seconds after you hit Escape key to close the pop-up (the connection icon in the right top corner of the screen should become active after Escape is hit).
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