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    11-26-11 08:17 AM
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    Good article.
    11-26-11 08:26 AM
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    This article is missing three items that are important to me.

    Ability to swap batteries.
    Ability to customize and make shortcuts.
    Although Apple does have more apps they are starting to restrict the functionality of competitors such as the Kindle, audible.com, etc. At least when we get them on BlackBerry they are fully functional.

    To each his own. The above three are actually my top priorities. However, it seems people are starting to look at their phones as entertainment devices and here the BlackBerry is not as good. I guess ten hours of television per week are just not enough. We need to walk around with TV's to and from work and have a hyped up Vlingo to chat with.
    I want a device that lets me participate in life more effectively and not become some kind of cult toy. I don't need a cult toy, I want to get things done and for that there is nothing better than the Bold 9930 on OS7 in my view.

    Apple is getting it right though. They are appealing to people's feelings and creating needs in consumers that were never there before. BlackBerry appeals to reason, logic and judgement. It seems emotion is beating judgement.

    Emotional appeal:
    Take Siri. It is basically a hyped up Vlingo. It has a personality and there are tons of videos on the web of people wasting time chatting with Siri and telling "her" that they love her or hate her. Productivity out the window in my view. I have a wife and three kids and I don't have time or interest for stuff like that.

    Rational appeal:
    Security is important. It is documented (but largely ignored by many) that people have been able to insert apps to the apple product which can modify other apps and take your information. Log-in, password, contact info, etc. This has never happened to BlackBerry.

    Emotional appeal:
    Do rational people sleep on a sidewalk to get a product on launch day? What is going on in a person's mind to do this? Apple has created a need and was not there before and they have spent millions to maintain their image and secrecy to create excitement. RIM seems to rely on word of mouth for security, reliability, etc. Apple is appealing to emotion and impulse buys and outperforming Blackberry on sales.

    Rational appeal:
    Encrypting messages to a level that foreign government intelligence agencies can't penetrate means we can send our bank account information to our spouse via BBM if they forget it. It means we can discuss a big business deal or just a personal issue that no one else needs to hear or read about. By the way, people seem to think facebook messages are secure and are shocked wen they can read them on google. Security matters.

    My neighbor was thinking about an iPhone because she watched a Siri commercial that made it seem awesome. Here is how it really works.

    She did not know about BlackBerry security or reliable communications, data efficiency, battery swap capability, customization or any of the things that make your life better and more efficient with a BlackBerry but like most people just saw a commercial that created a need.
    After we got done chatting and I showed her some facts on her computer she was surprised and decided to get a BlackBerry with OS7. Why do I care about this stuff so much? Because I care about my friends walking around with a security "time bomb" on their hip for the sake of a gimmick.

    BlackBerry is the choice or reason in my view. Friends should step up to help their friends make good decisions.
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