1. kjjb0204's Avatar
    I can send messages just fine from my bb using my gmail account, and they do show up in sent on the bb, but if I copy myself (my gmail address), it does not get delivered to my bb in my gmail. IMAP is enabled, POP is disabled. I receive all other messages sent by someone else to my gmail on my bb just fine. Only when sending from bb gmail to myself, it doesn't deliver to bb. Any thoughts? Searched around, didn't find anything with this specific issue.

    10-07-11 02:47 PM
  2. Jonnycraig's Avatar
    think this is a blackberry thing where it doesn't send messages to your blackberry from that account (to save data probably) the only work around i found is to email them to another account that is attached to your blackberry (I had to do that for my accounts so i could send emails for uni)
    10-07-11 03:06 PM
  3. kjjb0204's Avatar
    Weird thing is that my comcast.net emails are delivered when I copy myself, as are my BES Exchange emails. It's just gmail that's affected.
    10-07-11 03:11 PM
  4. Jonnycraig's Avatar
    think its a bis thing as I can't do it with either of my accounts attached to bis
    10-07-11 03:14 PM
  5. BlazorBoy's Avatar
    With bes and 9700 have no such problem via yahoo.
    10-08-11 02:30 AM
  6. kojita's Avatar
    i confirm i had this also on my bis gmail but not on bes..
    10-08-11 04:15 AM
  7. guilleman's Avatar
    I'm on BES + have gmail app + gmail via native browser & Opera Mini...


    Just email my BB email + cc @gmail...

    Checked my @gmail via gmail app + gmail via Opera Mini browser...

    Email doesn't show up @gmail account....

    BB 9900 stock OS

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    10-08-11 06:05 AM
  8. Polopoulos's Avatar
    Just noticed the same "problem" recently, seems specific to Gmail indeed.
    10-08-11 09:42 AM
  9. kjjb0204's Avatar
    Anyone else experiencing this? It's pretty frustrating that I can't receive a copy of a message via CC on gmail/bb.
    12-30-11 02:06 PM
  10. otacon#AC's Avatar
    Well just tested it myself. Sent an email from my Gmail on my BB and CC'd my Gmail email. The CC didn't come to my BB but I was able to pull it into Outlook just fine. Looks like the CC doesn't push back to the BB but is sent to the Gmail account itself.

    Tried the same thing with my own domain email and the CC pushed back to my BB just fine. As was said...seems to be Gmail specific issue.
    12-30-11 03:37 PM
  11. kjjb0204's Avatar
    Seems like a pretty big problem, especially for those whose gmail is their primary account. I copy myself on just about everything so I can have a fresh copy in my inbox and none of these are delivered to my BB.
    12-30-11 04:21 PM
  12. kjjb0204's Avatar
    Even stranger is that I hear a notification sound right after I send email from my gmail on bb, so it's somehow pushing the gmail notification to my BB, but not displaying the actual message. What setting do I have wrong? Did I shrink something out I shouldn't have? AAARRRGGGGGHHHHH

    Does anyone using gmail receive the message in your inbox on your BB if you send to yourself, or copy yourself?
    12-31-11 11:30 AM
  13. SC457's Avatar
    I never have if I send it to the same email address I'm sending it to. Works perfect if you send it to a different gmail address then the one you're sending from.
    12-31-11 01:33 PM
  14. kjjb0204's Avatar
    But that isn't how any of my other accounts work. My comcast, work and hotmail all get delivered when I copy myself. That's how I keep important emails at the top of my inbox.

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    12-31-11 02:13 PM
  15. SwitchBeach's Avatar
    This is how GMail works on the BlackBerry. Working as designed. BCC to a different email address.
    12-31-11 03:09 PM