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    Hey Guys,

    Sorry if this has been answered before, I've done a few searches but couldn't find a solution.

    I have my gmail calendar synced with my bold...

    Thing is, it doesn't sync everything.. for example, I have my friends birthday on my gmail calendar, but it doesn't show up on my blackberry. In fact, there is a lot of birthdays missing from my blackberry calendar. I was wondering if anyone knows a solution to this (I'm new to blackberry so I'm not sure if there are additional steps that need to be taken in order to fix this).

    Thanks in advanced.
    11-17-11 02:19 PM
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    Try deleting your gmail address and re-adding on your BIS account.

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    11-17-11 02:38 PM
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    Thank you, I will try this out!
    11-17-11 11:39 PM