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    So with the demise of the google sync app many of us have been forced to use BIS syncing to get as close to what we had with the app. After removing the app and enabling BIS sync for calendar and contacts I was set until yesterday when I was really disappointed with my OS and decided to wipe and downgrade to the previous OS. The downgrade was successful and getting everything back was a piece of cake... except for calendar and contact syncing. I've tried disabling cal sync, battery pull, and then enabling, but after hours I still don't see any sync happening. Easy to tell with an empty calendar... Also tried re-sending service books, but nothing. E-mails work fine, as well as Internet. Any suggestions?
    01-01-13 09:22 PM
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    well it's been solved... the quick and easy way would be to remove your gmail account and re-integrate it again. That of course would sever the ties from the emails currently on the device with the server so if that's not okay with you, which it wasn't for me, the only option is to backup the device and wipe it. Once the OS is reloaded and the backup restored, go into the e-mail setup on the device and allow it to synchronize. Voila!
    01-03-13 10:58 PM

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