1. awalizad's Avatar
    I have a dilemma.

    I am trying to take a vacation from work but can't help checking my email when there is a notification icon. I have a BES account and a few BIS accounts. Here is what I have done so far.

    - I removed the Desktop (BES) account from the universal inbox
    - I set the Desktop Icon to Hide so I don't see it
    - I adjusted the setting in the messages app to show no new or unready count notifications

    With the above steps, I still see an icon in the notification bar and of course when I check my personal emails and see nothing there, I am reminded that there is a work email waiting for me.

    I am tempted to use the Firewall option to block enterprise messages, but I want those messages back when I am ready to go back to work. Don't know if they pop back up.

    I know this sounds obsessive, but I have got to think that there is a good built in option to not be notified if I don't want to be.


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    11-06-12 01:02 PM
  2. OniBerry's Avatar
    You can call your BESadmin and ask that s/he hold all e-mails.

    You can place the device on silent. Create a profile (silencing the notifications)

    You can turn it off. Select your profile as Phone calls only (not sure if you still want to receive BIS mail)

    You can also go into your desktop box and hit the BB button and go into Inbox Management(Make sure desktop is not checked) or E-mail Preferences(uncheck send e-mail to handheld)
    11-06-12 01:26 PM
  3. RoseBud68's Avatar
    Your on vacation!!!! Turn off the dam phone.
    11-06-12 03:02 PM

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