1. L_Boogie820's Avatar
    Whats going on everyone? So quick story: Had BB's, went to Android, now my iPhone4 but I want BB as a phone. My friend is buying my iP4 so Im going to reactivate my Tour. In the event that my trackball stops working and need a replacement, will they replace it with the Bold9650 or this device? I had the 9650 which isn't a bad phone so Im just wondering if anyone has had a Tour and what their replacement was. Thanks.
    10-08-11 09:09 AM
  2. BrwnSuga3's Avatar
    It really depends on Asurion, if you are going through them. I have heard mixed reviews, I've heard they will switch the Tour for the bold 9650 but then some say they won't.

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    10-08-11 09:46 AM
  3. L_Boogie820's Avatar
    If its the trackball, I just call Verizon and they sent me a replacement..or so they have done with all my other phones. I have never actually gone through Asurion. I dont know how they operate.
    10-08-11 09:52 AM