1. tequiero2011's Avatar
    My 9900 gets stuck every time when there's new msg coming, precisely, BEFORE new msg coming.
    Like all works smoothly at first, suddenly that buffering circle appears and the phone locks dead. It takes 20 some seconds (the loading time depends on I don't know what) before the phone back to work. No problem in sending msg though.

    There's no unnecessary programs running in the background, no any LED apps installed, and the length of the incoming msg itself isn't long.

    I updated to OS7.1 recently, didn't seem have this problem before.

    Any thoughts?
    12-15-11 04:58 AM
  2. CarolClark's Avatar
    Your OS is corrupt. You have to re-install the whole OS from scratch. An updated would not work at all. Don't forget to synchronize your phone book contacts and messages before re-installing process.
    12-15-11 06:50 AM