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    Hey guys something strange happened with my phone. So last time I had this issue, it took 2 full months to get it fixed. It was terrible. And no one was able to help me. Basically I have a Bold 9930 with a BIS plan. I couldnt get set up at all for months. But while visiting my family in Germany in november(2011), I had to go through France to get there, and BAM out of nowhere my BIS got activated and everything was working fine. In December of last yr(2011) I went to the states, and I still had a contarct with Sprint, so I just switched SIM's, bam no issue my bb worked perfectly. When I came back to Switzerland, I popped my Orange SIM card and NO issues. ALLLLL that changed yesterday, I was having issues with my phone, I wasntt able to send any txts messages(it said "unsubscribed contact) with EVERYONE in my contact list. So I went into the store and asked for a new SIM. They gave me a new one popped it in and then internet gone. I am not able to access BIS anymore. I've done everything from changing APN's to resetting the phone multiple times, resending service books, etc etc. ANY ideas what could've happened? Like I said my phone had been working perfectly fine until yesterday at 13pm, after 1310 no bis, no internet no nothing. I can access the internet, and alll my apps(except email and BBM) through wifi, but that is it.

    am I missing something? a setting or something of that nature? Again, I'm with Orange in CH

    02-02-12 06:23 AM
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    Perhaps they forgot to activate BIS service on the new sim. You will probably have to call them to sort out the problem.
    02-02-12 06:54 AM
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    Was on the phone with them for over 3 hours. BIS is active, because I had a buddy of mine try my SIM on his local(from CH BB) and it worked perfectly.

    Like I said, mine was working fine yesterday and I think in the process of exchanging SIM's some sort of setting or perhaps a service book got disconfigured or lost? But I have NO idea which or what is causing this issue :'(

    It was working perfect(my BIS) until yesterday

    Is there anyway to manually add entries into the service books? Maybe I'm missing one?
    02-02-12 07:02 AM
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    Does the 9930 allow the sending of service books? I didn't know there were CDMA carriers in Europe, or is the 9930 just running on GSM there?

    on my 9900 I can go into device advanced setting, host routing table, and then use the menu key and select register on network. A notification then shows up in my messages that i have registered. On CDMA devices, I think the carrier may have to initiate this.

    Perhaps somebody with a 9930 can explain how to get registered on the network.
    02-02-12 07:14 AM
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    Yes, I can log in on the website and send my service books. And there is no CDMA carriers here. The 9930 is a world phone, meaning it can work on both.

    I can do the same, however it doesnt get registered. and how do I go about that? I dont know how to explain that tot he dummies behind the phone. Theyre too incompetent. And they dont have any bb technicians...of course

    Like I said last time the only way it got fixed was when I went through France and soooomehow it got registered into the network. however I don't know how that happened...
    02-02-12 07:24 AM
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    Are you missing the register option in host routing tables?

    You may have to manually put the service books on the phone via a computer, as the cdma phone may only get them over a cdma connection. Try doing a search on this site about it. I have seen post about it where the 9930 is used on a gsm carrier and needs the service books.

    Where are the 9930 roaming experts here? I thought somebody may have posted the solution for you.
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    02-02-12 07:33 AM
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    I am not missing it, the option is there however it doesnt register. And I have a bunch of service books, including one that says BIS, but for some reason is not letting me do anything.

    I will post a picture later of what I have in my phone...
    02-02-12 07:39 AM
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    Your solution may be in this thread. Looks like you will need help from somebody with a working BlackBerry on your carrier to get the service books unless you can find a place to download them.

    02-02-12 09:02 AM
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    02-02-12 01:14 PM
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    I took a quick look at mine and I think you are missing the service books called BlackBerry Internet Browsing service and some other Blackberry specific service books that looked to be BBM related and etc.

    Have you tried checking the link I posted above to a thread regarding installing service books?
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    02-02-12 02:41 PM
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    Uhm...no I havent done that as none of my friends have bb on my carrier. However I did reload the service books from an old backup I had when my phone was working and it didnt do anything...however I will go into the store today and see what I can do. If not I may also go through France again and see if something like last time happens

    02-02-12 11:56 PM
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    You actually thinking to go to France just to get your BBM work?
    What a shame man that these Orange people could not even help you with it.
    I second robsteve's comments that your are missing those service books.
    02-03-12 12:01 AM
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    I knoooow! FRANCE :O

    ugh. Things we do...fortunately its not too far. But still.

    Ya, before I go I will go into the store and back up one of their devices then uploaded it on mine. Thats my only option. ridiculous
    02-03-12 12:11 AM
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    So update none of those things worked...these bastards. I ended up giving up and buying the torch 9860(which they gave me for 50fr on a one year plan)

    I have no idea wth happened...but I already miss mah baby 9930 and that awesome keyboard...sighs
    02-03-12 08:43 AM