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    Today I received a replacement for my original 9900 from Vodafone UK because the flash on the camera had died.

    The phone seemed fine and is as far as I can tell a new model. However the Front plate that covers the call, menu, back and off buttons does not seem to properly fixed down. When I press those 4 buttons, particularly the menu and back buttons the plastic plate seem to press downward noticeably before I can feel the tactile movement of the button and makes a squeaking noise as it moves.

    It feels like there is a thin piece of plastic over the buttons that is scraping against the center track pad.

    Has anyone else had this problem? The buttons themselves work perfectly as far as I can tell, but the fact that the phone doesn't seem to put together right does worry me.

    Any thoughts?

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    02-14-12 09:49 AM
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    Well, it could be that the piece isn't broken in yet... May be a little stiff at first. Is the plastic around the trackpad causing the trackpad to push down? You could always take it back to Vodaphone and have them send you another one...
    02-14-12 09:57 AM
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    No all the buttons seem to function perfectly but when I press down on those 4 buttons the piece of plastic is squeaking against something. Since the middle two buttons squeak the most I assume it is the component housing the track pad.
    02-14-12 10:50 AM
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    Another possible symptom just occurred to me. If you run your thumb down the touchscreen and onto the four main buttons the is a VERY noticeable raised lip. It wasnt like this on my old one I am sure.
    02-14-12 11:12 AM