1. EFats's Avatar
    I don't suppose there is any source of new, freshly made JM1's anymore?

    Even my spare battery, which hasn't seen a lot of use, is barely eeking me out 12 hours of very light use, and that's including several hours of 'bedside mode'. (Of course the battery is at least a couple of years old).

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    10-23-18 04:09 PM
  2. stlabrat's Avatar
    i brought from amazon OEM JM-1 last july. works well (based on another CBer's recommendation). https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B0055HXN8O/...UvbUpU13299446
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    10-23-18 08:01 PM
  3. EFats's Avatar
    Hmm... seems cheap enough to warrant a try. Not holding out hope though, I assume it must be new old stock.

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    10-24-18 01:38 AM
  4. stlabrat's Avatar
    Could be new. Since about 1million user of bbos7 still out there.

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    10-26-18 12:02 PM
  5. Aori's Avatar
    But some are make new in china though. Still work very well

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    02-02-19 07:23 AM

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