1. Littleshrew26's Avatar
    Hi guys, for some reason all my fonts on the internet have changed to a fuzzy bold font! I don't know why or how and its not a major issue but I preferred the simple, easy to read font before. Does anyone know how to change the font back please? And also why it may have done this? Thankyou in advance.
    02-01-12 12:25 PM
  2. Littleshrew26's Avatar
    I took a pic with Zonasnap to show you what it looks like but I don't know how to upload it to here!!
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    02-01-12 12:28 PM
  3. albertinik's Avatar
    Did you shrank your OS ? You must have took off the net_rim_font_latin_truetype accidentally. It happened a few until the tool was updated
    02-01-12 09:31 PM
  4. albertinik's Avatar
    latin true type is the default browser and OS font therefore it should be NEVER be deleted.
    02-01-12 09:33 PM
  5. boss_hog's Avatar
    With your browser open hit menu>option>default font size. I changed mine to 21 now its better to look at than my iphone4. Some text looks bold now , but only on a couple sites
    02-01-12 09:55 PM
  6. Littleshrew26's Avatar
    All fixed now thanks guys - seems a battery pull was all that was needed!
    02-02-12 07:54 AM
  7. SaMaster14's Avatar
    This happened to me too at one point. Very odd. Did a battery pull and it was fixed.
    02-02-12 08:16 AM