1. aleckon's Avatar
    Hope someone can help with an odd behaviour on the home screen folders.
    I installed 7.1.190 and I created a folder called downloads. In here I put bb app world and others apps in an effort to categorise and clean up the home page.
    The downloads folder was initially there - but disappeared.
    The apps are still accessible via universal search - or the frequent page and then marking them as favourites...but it is very annoying.
    I can still put apps into the Downloads folder - it is shown with a ? mark icon on the folder though.

    So I upgraded to 7.1.205 and tried again - Downloads folder stayed this time and everything was great...until I reactivated my enterprise account and the pref file recreated the problem again for me...so I am back where I started.

    Does anyone know which theme preference file the them folders are stored in?
    There is no functional problem - I have created other folders that did not become corrupt.
    It is annoying that some papas are stuck in this corrupt folder...google maps and app world among other.

    Anyone come across this before?

    01-21-12 12:09 AM