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    I was in Facebook on my new BB Bold 9900 and clicked on a video posted on a friend's wall. I got the message that to view the video I would need to download the latest version of Adobe Flash Flayer. From what I gather, there is no mobile Adobe Flash Player for Blackberry. Does anyone know what I need on my BB in order to watch these types of videos? I believe the video was posted from either a smartphone or an iPod Touch to Facebook. Tks!
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    12-05-11 10:27 AM
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    BlackBerrys do not support flash, except for the PlayBook. iDevices also DO NOT support flash.

    Some androids do...
    You will need a PC to view what you are looking at.
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    12-05-11 11:21 AM
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    Right what Fubaz said but also if it was a Youtube video then you'd be able to see it. Maybe you could suggest your friend to make his stuff support YT for mobile devices as well and then send you the link privately.

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    12-05-11 11:32 AM