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  1. sdmzb's Avatar
    Hi, theres not much help out there with this particular issue so I thought I share this, if like me youre having problems with your Blackberry 9900 or maybe other models like the Torch or rest of the Bold family experimenting the following: BIS (blackberry internet service) not active, unable to send or receive emails, PIN or Blackberry Messages(maybe receive but not send), unable to access the App World, Blackberry Protects stays on Initializing status and all of this behaviors follows a recent switch of SIM cards.

    Let me start by saying that I tried all the usual workarounds on the blackberry site and many other forums, that means, pulling the battery out, wiping the device many times, registering to the network via host route table, copying service books from a working device with the help of the BB desktop manager, calling my carrier many times insisting that the problem was on their end, etc, etc, etc. So if you already tried all of this to no avail, heres what I did that finally solved the problem.

    The problem is related to the blackberry protect app thats present within the software on most if not all of the post 2009 Blackberry Models, for example in my case wiping the device did not delete the such app, it only prompted me to sign in again once the device restarted after the wipe. Now, this app is designed so that if the device encounters a new SIM card, it will ask the user for a password to prevent the device from being used by someone else, for example a thief. But for some reason if you switch the SIM card more than once it tends to lock the phone from the network end regardless of a correct password. This tends to be confusing because the device is not going to lock itself up and its gonna seem like there something wrong with the network not the phone.

    To actually see this click on the signal meter on the main screen of the phone, scroll down and click/tap on service status, scroll down and youll see that in BlackBerry Internet Service it says: Not Connected or Unavailable. Another way to realize this is to PIN yourself, go to messages (the envelope icon on the device desktop), push the blackberry button, click compose other, click compose PIN, type your own PIN in the TO: field, type anything in the subject field then send, if you check you inbox once again youll find that message highlighted in RED with an X next to it, open it, by clicking it, and the status will read: service bloqued.

    So now for the solution,

    1-Got to the blackberry protect/id website: /login/?callbackuri=aHR0cHM6Ly9wcm90ZWN0LmJsYWNrYmVycnkuY 29tL3Byb3RlY3QvYXcvbG9naW4=&authtype=YmJwcm90ZWN0d 2Vi&css=YmJpZGNzc19ibHVl&locale=ZXM=

    2- Log in, then from the left menu click devices.
    3- If you have more than one device registered with the service look for the one having the issues and click on delete on the lower right corner of the device pic.
    4- Take your device connect it to a computer and perform a Backup in with BB Desktop manager.
    5- In the device, perform a security wipe by going to options/security/security wipe scroll down type blackberry and click Wipe Data. Wait
    6- The device should now have no problems, restore your data from the computer, and then reactivate your email accounts, that could mean reentering all your email info via email wizard if the backup didnt have your accounts details or if it did you just have to reenter the password for each of them, to do so go to: Setup/ email Accounts / highlight the desired email account, push blackberry button, click Edit, scroll down, click login options reenter your password push Back button then click Save. After that, resend the service books by highlighting your email account press the blackberry button then click on service books, a message should come up saying service books sent, click OK. Do this with each email account you have, the mail icons should reappear on the device desktop, and every other feature in the phone should be active.

    Hope it helps.
    11-05-11 11:47 AM