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    Hello to all and sundry. Buying the Bold 9900 is my first experience with a RIM product. Previously I've owned iPhones - 3g, 3gs and most recently a straight 4, I enjoyed them all but dreaded typing on them, so I figured I'd give a Bold a try. Well a week in and I have to admit, aside from a few teething problems (one which persists it seems, I'll detail this below) I really, really dig the handset.
    First things first activation, a few issues during this process which Id put down to my unfamiliarity with the process and partly a result of Optus, my carrier. It took several attempts to set up BIS and Im still having problems with syncing my contacts, never mind this is be resolved soon I expect.
    Typing was difficult initially but Im slowly getting the hang of it, the phone weighs next to nothing so holding it even in one hand and typing is a comfortable experience.
    Contacts synced from my Gmail account perfectly to begin with but now it seems they magically duplicated themselves in a fit of asexual reproduction, I think, I hope a sync with the desktop client will stem the outbreak.
    Browser is a little disappointing but not a deal breaker.
    Cant seem to sync my Facebook contacts with the native contacts app, again not a huge deal and something which could be addressed with a workaround, any tips would be met with gratitude.
    Calender and task manager integration is superb, but I would love to be able to email or SMS calendar or task items, maybe something a sync may solve, maybe not, again tips if youve any!
    Social feeds manager is good too albeit a little simple in the looks department. Coming from iOS where almost everything is designed to startle and amaze BB in comparison seems a bit wanting, not to worry not an issue, it works and fundamentally this is what matters.
    BBM well dont have any friends that use Blackberry I have no idea what its like.
    Media Video player works well with a slim but well provisioned player, format selection is pretty good also, no longer do I have to convert to this or that, welcomed change. Music player is good, and the sound quality, I think is on par if not better than iOS. Navigation could be improved. Not being able to configure the menu as I could in iOS is a shame but no big deal. As this and the email and Text apps are the ones I use most often I noticed that when I switch apps and re-enter the music player it takes me to the main menu and from there I have to select now playing. From here it take me back to the main menu whereas Id have thought it better if it took me one step back to the albums song menu instead. Well RIM I assume know what theyre doing so I figure there must be some logic to it. Deleting song, albums, playlists is as easy as adding them after a copy to an SD card, bewdy. Picture gallery has about as much functionality as I would every need, change names, add folders thats about all I would need and it has it.
    For all the times Ive mentioned the words problem and issue please keep in mind, for me at least as a novice I was surprised there werent more and the ones I had arent nearly enough for me to throw the phone against the wall.
    No cloud, no matter, I dont care because I dont have an unlimited data plan and much rather my important documents are kept near my jocks rather than the ether only accessible when I have a sound connection or enough data left on my account. Blackberry are a good bridge between the you do whatever the **** you want Android and the you do whatever we want Apple. For now Im pretty chuffed.
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    10-25-11 11:14 PM
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    Hey there,

    I also suffered from the contact duplication. I have a thread in here about it but after a lot of research, getting this app solved it:

    Buy Contacts Cleaner - Download Contacts Cleaner - Buy Apps from BlackBerry App World

    I highly recommend it.
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    10-26-11 02:26 AM
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    @OP when you synced google contacts and FB contacts you probably doubled your contacts. If you delete the FB app it will remove them, then reinstall and do not check the box for contacts sync. Welcome to BB!
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    10-26-11 04:07 AM