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    I just got my bb bold 9900, from Singtel here in Singapore, but I need to change/add some input language, and I've been looking on the forums, youtube ect but please help me...
    The phone is preloaded English UK/US, Spanish, France, Italian and some Chinese - But I need Danish( and I know you can get it on the Torch 9800)..

    I have tried to connect to desktop manager > applications but nothing happens??
    Do I need to download something/a language file - and if so where to find it?

    I know some of you advanced bb users think - what a ******, but please help my so I can enjoy my first bb
    Phone: Bold 9900
    Carrier: Singapore Mobile telecommunication (Singtel)
    7.0Bundle 1346(v, platform
    10-20-11 10:02 AM
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    In desktop manager.
    1: Click on Applications.
    2: Click on Blackberry 7.0.0 Core Applications.
    3: Click on Language and Input Support
    4: Scroll down to Danish and click the + sign on the right to add it to the install cue.
    5: Click apply at the bottom of your screen to install it.

    Once that is done. On your blackberry.
    1: Click the wrench (options).
    2: Click Typing and Language.
    3: Click Language and Input Method.
    4: Set your language to Danish.
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    10-20-11 10:42 AM