1. AlexJH1992's Avatar
    I'm on Vodafone Uk, after a month of trying to get my phone replaced I gave up, but 2day I went to a Vodafone store and luckily they had some in stock!! They gave me a new phone and I left, the replacement phone is worse than my old one!! None of the buttons on the phone work at all :/ I took it back to the store on my lunch break at work and they had run out of stock :/ I am now currently stuck with a phone which is as much use as a house brick!!! :/ I'm sick of the issues!!! :/ blackberry get it sorted!!!!
    11-04-11 04:50 PM
  2. jeffrey1027's Avatar
    You just got a faulty unit. There are plenty people who have perfectly good bb's. Next time you might want to test before leaving the store

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    11-04-11 04:55 PM