1. jokerpt50's Avatar
    I am new to blackberrys (have been with android since the start). On android phones when setting up an exchange account my email, contacts and calendar automatically sync with the phone. on my bb only my email syncs and the push isnt as quick as android. Is there a way to get my calendar to sync as well without having BES?

    Also is there a way so that if i read an email on outlook and its marked read that on my BB it will be marked read instead of unread automatically?

    thanks for all the help!
    10-10-11 12:31 PM
  2. kitesurfer's Avatar
    Unfortunately wirelessly; the best way is to use BES. Otherwise the only other option is to connect it via USB. There are some third party options but I have found they don’t work quit as well as Exchange and BES together.

    Once connected to BES your Blackberry will manage your Outlook better than any other device, at least in my opinion.

    GoDaddy has the best hosted BES price I have found at $2.99 a month.
    10-10-11 12:48 PM