1. ragms's Avatar
    Just updated my desktop software and now my calendar won't sync. "Program error occurred at line 131 in.\Error.cpp. Please report this error by sending a log to technical support."

    I looked at other suggestions on this site, and I don't have any monthly occurring appointments so the solution presented here: KB32032-Recurring appointments of a specific pattern cause the sync to fail with an error message in BlackBerry Desktop Software does not apply to me.

    Please help! I've tried restarting my computer, the software, even removing the blackberry software and reinstalling it in case it didn't install properly the first time. Tried finding the older edition to reinstall but no dice. Is there even a way to send a log to technical support without paying any money?

    01-02-13 03:29 PM
  2. sportyprof's Avatar
    I had the exact same error today. I checked all of my recurring appointments and none had the format listed on the help forum. I tried syncing from another computer and received the same error. Please help. I wiped out my phone calendar as suggested and cannot re-sync it with my computer.
    01-09-13 10:36 PM