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    Why do posters compare the iphone to their 9900 as if the iphone is the only other alternative. We've seen threads titled "I left BB for the iphone and now I'm back..." or more recently, "Thinking of going to the dark side..."

    It's obvious why they're back! The iphone lacks a physical keyboard! Duh!

    As an ex-seasoned blackberry user, one of the features that kept me from going for the iphone was the lack of keyboard.

    So after having the Bold 9900 for two weeks, i just had to get rid of it. I don't use it mainly for business as many of you do here, but I do need that keyboard. That was the only thing keeping me, but the lack of a better camera and large screen for such a high price made me want to get rid of it. Even with the upgrade price, I paid close to $400.

    But I'm happy to say that there are better keyboard phones out there that are better than the iphone and the blackberry. Check them out. I just got my Mytouch 4G slide from t-mobile and I couldn't be happier.

    So, enough with the iphone. Blackberry and non blackberry keyboard users everywhere will tell you that the iphone texting situation won't make you happy!
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    ok, just sold my 9930 and went back to iphone..i love bb but after a year w iphone, i was way less productive than with my iphone...and i use it all day everyday...jailbroken my old iphone blew away bb for productivity, and apps for work.

    maybe bbx phones will catch up and be great! i just dont get why theu launch like 7 new devices that will be obsolete in a year? lame. maybe launch 9900, 9790 and 9360 and screw the rest..
    11-29-11 09:04 PM