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    Can anyone tell me if there is a solution or program that can see pictures embedded in a excel spreadsheet?
    I researched as much as I could and it looks like I'm the only one with this problem.
    Simple thing , I receive a lot of excel spreadsheets with prices and pictures on it. I can't see it with the viewer or with Documents To Go. Using the Bold 9930 with latest update from Verizon but I never was able to see them on Blackberry ( Any version). Frustation only adds up now that I have the Playbook and I can't see it there too.
    01-23-12 02:25 AM
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    is this subject taboo? Nobody know anything about this?
    I'm the only one that have this issue?
    01-23-12 07:23 PM
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    I guess it is taboo. Or nobody has a problem with it.
    01-25-12 08:21 PM
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    It's not taboo. But since you aren't getting responses, most likely people don't use that "functionality" so they can't comment.

    Most likely the functionality you are seeking doesn't exist currently in Sheet to Go which has basic Excel functionality.
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    01-25-12 08:46 PM
  5. eduardohers's Avatar
    That is all I needed , at least now I know a little more about it.
    01-26-12 02:09 AM