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    Hi everyone, I am having some issues with my email. I just got the 9900 recently and setup my Mobileme (imap) email account. My emails were shown with no problems. Now the problem. I did a security wipe and started from scratch with the 9900 and set up my Mobileme email but this time, all the emails that I saw before no longer show up. Does this have to do with BIS (I am using this now) having already read the messages so it no longer sync with my Mobileme mail settings on the device and only new emails will be shown?

    I also have an iPhone 4s, and even if I delete my Mobileme mail account and put it back, all my emails will still show weather it is old or new. Is there some setting in the 9900 that I have to setup to make me view the older emails that have already been read?

    Thanks for any help.

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    On BIS, only emails received AFTER the email address is setup on the device will be shown on the device.

    Unless you did a backup of the device before you wiped the device (you don't say why you wiped it), you would need to resend the messages to yourself if you want them on the device.
    11-14-11 05:34 PM
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    Thanks Switchbeach, So it is a BIS thing. I wiped the phone out of curiosity to see how it works, I'm kinda new to the BB, the last BB we owned was in 2005. I have an iPhone 4s as a backup, it still has all the emails. Even if I was to wipe the iPhone and start from scratch, my emails would still be there, so I assumed the BB would do the same thing.

    I got the PlayBook not too long ago, then got the 9900 after to use with bridge. Now i'm hooked on the BB.

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    Next time, do a backup before you wipe the device and you will be able to restore the data to the device from the backup.
    11-14-11 07:14 PM
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    Will do, thanks

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