1. JR A's Avatar
    I got my BIS issue worked out, thank goodness...

    Anyway. Is there a way to get the emails on my BB "marked as read" if I open the email on my desktop?

    The reverse of this happens, but I sometimes I check email on my desktop and I don't want to have to go into my BB and mark the emails as read. I understand there is a "Mark all as read" feature on my BB, but I don't want to have the notification stay on the icon in the first place if I've already read the email on my desktop.
    10-21-11 01:02 AM
  2. dictoresno's Avatar
    i dont think so. you will need to check them on your phone as well.
    10-21-11 01:13 AM
  3. LiteBulb's Avatar
    its one-way only. if u read it on phone, it should be marked as read on your server, but not the other way round.
    10-21-11 03:20 AM
  4. JR A's Avatar
    Damn, that's what I thought.

    Just curious, why doesn't it update on the BB?
    10-22-11 01:44 AM