1. phellandrn's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    FINALLY (read: FINALLY!!!!) got my 9900 for att yesterday!!! Holy cow it was worth the wait. This thing is amazing!!!

    Anyway, I have a question regarding email. On android and iOS, when you sign up for gmail you can access all of the email in your inbox, even those that are very old. After signing into my gmail account on my 9900, I noticed it only pulled up a handful from the past few days and it wasn't displaying the right date and time that I received them. Does anyone know how I can have access to all of my email? Also, is there a way to ONLY see my gmail mail in the messages application? It's all convoluted with a bunch of stupid facebook and notifications about app updates. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


    11-10-11 09:03 AM
  2. Gray's Avatar
    There should be a separate mail icon for your gmail account. Put that on your favorites list rather than icon that include all messages.
    11-10-11 09:21 AM