1. ardew's Avatar
    i have had this problem since my 9700 and i've just let it go for the longest.
    often i'll hit menu and select 'get images' even though i have 'download images auto' in option and checked of 'dont display this prompt again'.

    it never seems to save either. i have to specify download images all the time.
    is this only a problem for gmail?

    does everyone else have to do this?
    12-06-11 08:50 PM
  2. CDM76's Avatar
    yep.....exact same issue.
    12-06-11 09:02 PM
  3. ardew's Avatar
    ok so im not the only one.
    annoying but i guess it is what it is..
    12-06-11 09:06 PM
  4. thefiasco's Avatar
    download an app called "show me the images", automatically retrieves the images in emails. works great
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    12-07-11 01:02 AM
  5. Doxologist's Avatar
    The show me the images app worked great on my 9700 + 9800. When I tried to re-download on 9900 it says its not compatible. Whats worse is app world expects me to pay again for the same app they said wasn't compatible with the 9900.
    12-07-11 09:27 PM
  6. thefiasco's Avatar
    someone linked on here a compatible version of the app for the 9900, it works on my phone
    12-07-11 09:56 PM