1. buellrunner's Avatar
    Hey all,

    had to delete and reinstall my email account for work through BIS - and for some reason its not repopulating the inbox with emails - it did it the first time a week back, but not now...

    Is there any way to force it to repopulate the inbox? Right now its not showing any of my emails and I have a bunch that came in today.

    Tried resending service books and removing and reinstalling the email account again.

    02-21-12 09:59 AM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    what kind of email account are you using. BIS doesnt normally retrieve past emails unless you are using gmail thru the app i think. You would have to resend the emails you want to have on your phone perhaps
    02-21-12 10:01 AM
  3. buellrunner's Avatar
    Hey thanks for the quick reply. I'm using a custom domain held by google apps for business...so it uses gmail for the email piece of the google apps...

    Seemed to work when I originally set up the account...

    Just not now...

    Any way to push the messages through to the device?

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    02-21-12 10:05 AM