1. Freddie Fred's Avatar
    Hi Everyone !

    I recently unlocked a Verizon 9930. I put in my T-Mobile GSM chip; and discovered the signal to be, only EDGE. My understanding is, that this is a 2G network. Am I stuck with this ? Or can I possible get a better speed (3G) ?

    Please help. This is my first unlocked BlackBerry !!

    Thanks !!
    12-28-11 07:11 AM
  2. Phill_UK's Avatar
    Am I stuck with this ?
    Unfortunately, you are

    Should have got a 9900 for a GSM network.
    12-28-11 07:15 AM
  3. balenax's Avatar
    look at the bright side : select 2G only and enjoy better battery life than anyone. or get a 9900.
    12-28-11 07:56 AM
  4. dadathepanda's Avatar
    how did you do it, or rather, did you do anything other than unlocking the phone? My brother switched from Sprint to TMO and can't get data on his 9850. What he did is: while still with Sprint he put in a TMO sim card in the 9850 and it asked for the unlock code. Since he did not have it at the time, he simply removed the card. Once he received the unlock code, he placed his Sim card in the 9850 but this time it did not ask for the unlock code.His phone works for voice and SMS but no data. After calling Sprint and TMO, they claim the phone is released from Sprint and TMO pushed the service books to his phone but he never got them. Any ideas on how to make the phone ask for the unlock code. I should also mention that the network settings say "disabled" so I assume it is unlocked.
    12-28-11 08:03 AM