1. Dx3me's Avatar
    This question is specially for the Dutch people.

    Since last Saturday my "BlackBerry Enterprise Services" stopped working, without any reason...
    - I can use Facebook/Twitter/Browser... but BerryWeather/Email/BBM/Social Feeds are NOT working at all!

    I was thinking that it might be a temporary error at Vodafone NL, but it's taking almost 2 days now!

    Did Vodafone NL change something to their servers or anything, without informing their customers?
    Or has it something to do with my recent switch to OS .353??
    (which I've been using for almost a week already)

    - Any other Vodafone NL users with these same issues?
    09-18-11 04:25 PM
  2. J_K_Resnick's Avatar
    Hi there,

    I'll answer this in English although i'm dutch also

    My little brother has a 9780 and I have a 9900 both from Vodafone. My little brothers has EXACTLY the same problem so it's not your phone bot it's Vodafone. Does it also sometimes work for a moment and then it stops etc?
    09-18-11 04:30 PM