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    For the second time since I've owned my BB 9900, I got the dreaded error 102 (reload software). This time, knowing better from reading CB, I ran jl_cmdr to read the event log and delete the files that were causing a problem. The phone started back up, but things were misplaced and missing, for example my email was no longer configured and I couldn't compose any new email.

    Fortunately, I did a full backup of my phone (through Desktop Manager) the day before so I decided to restore rather than wipe clean and start over. The restore was successful, but again, things were missing. BBM and other applications that I had installed weren't restored. Although my email and calendar were restored, my calendar synchronization isn't working. It is enabled, but events aren't synchronizing.

    I am disappointed that the BB Desktop Manager doesn't successfully restore my phone to it's original configuration after performing a full back-up. For one, apps should NOT mysteriously disappear after a restore. Second, if it says contact and calendar synchronization is enabled, it should actually synchronize!
    01-09-12 10:24 AM