1. FuzzyB's Avatar
    I have noticed that I can actually scroll at times with my thumb just hovering over the trackpad. If ihave it just right and move it, it will scroll in the direction I am moving as if I'm physically touching it. Anyone else experience this? I can't get it to do it all the time but it does happen quite a bit.

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    11-06-11 08:34 PM
  2. John Yester's Avatar
    It's a sensor.

    It does not work on touch. it works on movement going past it. As long as the sensor is blocked and not blocked it will work.
    11-06-11 08:36 PM
  3. whyamisoepic's Avatar
    yeah I have the same problem.. Nothing you can do about it though. Sigh..
    11-06-11 09:29 PM
  4. Joel_Zimmerman's Avatar
    The trackpad, which was said in the previous posts, is indeed a sensor, an optical sensor. Think of an optical mouse. You can make the cursor on the desktop move when hovering the mouse slightly above the surface it's over. The same with what happens when I place my finger over my trackpad unfortunately.

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    11-06-11 09:40 PM
  5. dimm0k's Avatar
    I had this issue with my replacement a couple of days ago... what I noticed is that in a normal lit environment (my workplace, home, train station) that if I hovered my thumb over the trackpad I could make the cursor move without actually touching the trackpad. If you tried to replicate this in a bright room or outdoors in sunlight, this would NOT happen. The sensitivity settings were defaulted to 70, as was my original device, but that one did not have this problem. It seemed like the replacement's trackpad was extra sensitive compared to the original one so I went back to the store and got it replaced... new one does not have this problem at all.
    11-06-11 10:29 PM
  6. nikolas4129's Avatar
    yeah I have the same problem.. Nothing you can do about it though. Sigh..
    Is it really a "problem", why the sigh? Does it affect you negatively enough to be bothered by it?
    It's moved once or twice on me, but nothing to write home about. More interesting than anything to me, I tested it to see how far it could read my finger :-)
    11-06-11 10:33 PM
  7. ignites's Avatar
    i thought it was pretty cool when i "discovered" it could work that way... maybe that was jsut me hahaha
    11-06-11 11:14 PM