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    The new BB aren't known for their stellar battery life, like the old BB Bold 9700. I do as much as I can 2 save battery life, so what I usually do is switch to 2G and lower my light setting to 10 instead of 100. However, I don't have the auto dim light feature checked off. The reason is, I feel like that's an extra feature that's turned on because the phone will be on constant search 2 know when 2 dim and when not 2 dim.

    Does this sorta make sense? Kinda like having wi-fi on, but not using it which in turn drains the battery. Can anyone offer any input? Does auto-dim help prolong battery life, or not?
    12-17-11 09:42 PM
  2. shemaree09's Avatar
    I get 15+ hours and I dont have to do any of that.

    I tweet, bbm, facebook, email, and use Pandora (light use) throughout the day.

    My wifi and 3G stays on 24/7, I dont alter any light settings either.

    I've found that wifi helps a LOT! With wifi - 15+ hrs, without wifi (only 3G) = 12hrs
    12-17-11 11:02 PM
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    ....I've found that wifi helps a LOT! With wifi - 15+ hrs, without wifi (only 3G) = 12hrs
    9 hours and I'm still at 50% battery, first day I left the wifi on all day...what's up with that? This morning I browsed quited a bit and listened to a podcast too.
    12-17-11 11:11 PM
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    While researching the answer to your question, I came across something interesting in the user's manual. On page 211 it says "to stop the backlight from automatically adjusting to lighting conditions, clear the AUTOMATICALLY DIM BACKLIGHT checkbox." This seems to suggest in a backwards way that if you have that box checked, the backlight will dim OR BRIGHTEN according to the conditions. If that's the case, you may use MORE battery power with the box checked, than if you just left the backlight permanently on 10. Reinforcing this position is the fact that in the power saving tips on crackberry and the user's manual, checking that box is not mentioned.
    Then again, sitting here at my desk, if I uncheck the box my display gets brighter even though it's already set to 10.
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    12-17-11 11:15 PM
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    For me, I think dimming helped a lot with also from the aid of loading the latest leak. Often new OS versions comes out to perform better on battery. (not always, but for me it is) One thing I noticed is that if you are in a building with signal connection less than 40% or so, the battery drains like **** because the radio keep looking for a better signal.

    Dimming down to the lowest possible back light settings also helped. On Bold 99xx phones, the lowest back light brightness seems to be very bright compared to my old 9700. I don't know if the dimmer time help for all users, but it did for me. I have the phone go in to dim I think in 5 sec and I have drain of 3%/hr with a lot of web browsing on Telus H+ (3.5G) network with some applications like Facebook and SMS and BBM. I think that's very good battery life for this phone. Also in my personal experience, wifi drains the battery. Specially on 99xx phones. The wifi antenna was good on 9700 can pick up the single good. But on Bold 99xx, the wifi antenna is sooooo bad that it is the main cause of battery drain and poor wifi signal.
    12-17-11 11:23 PM
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    I took my phone off the charger at 9am. Its now around 2am and Im at 30%. Wifi and 3G on all day. Mine has been like this out the box. Thats why I find it odd how people are saying the battery doesnt last long.

    Maybe you have a defective battery?
    12-18-11 01:23 AM
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    Mine has been off the charger since about 12:45, and I'm at 10% nearly 13 hours later. But that was music for 2+ hours, a few phone calls (one for more than 30 minutes), some texting, some tweeting, an app download, and search + purchase for movie tickets on Fandango.

    Also, this was all after updating to the 7.1 OS -- and if you've had BB for a while, you know the first few days with a new OS are really strenuous on a battery.

    MORNING EDIT: Woke up about 10 minutes ago to 3% juice and finally decided to charge it up.
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    12-18-11 02:22 AM
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    With auto dim backlight on, and the display set at 60%, I can usually get about 2 days out of it. I use Pandora a fair amount, check Twitter a lot, text/BBM/email, and make maybe one or two phone calls a day. After I deleted Facebook I noticed I could get about 10 more hours from it, probably from all the stupid notifications coming in all the time.
    12-18-11 10:18 PM