02-28-12 10:10 AM
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  1. poisoned10's Avatar
    She is not the minority.. more like the majority..
    Yes. That is exactly what I said.
    02-26-12 08:44 PM
  2. Mystic205's Avatar
    cmon Chrisy, dont cheap out... get the 9930..lol...fyi I upgraded from the 9650 this week and i am still stunned at the display and speed of use..and the keyboard is waaay better than the 9650

    Speaking about screen size:

    I ditched my 4.3 inch screen to go back to a 9650. Going from a huge amazing screen. To a tiny one was a little rough....at first.

    Then I got a PlayBook for that. Highly recommend a PlayBook with your new BlackBerry. The phone is the best communications device and the PlayBook is best for media! It's a great combo.
    02-26-12 08:52 PM
  3. Mdez's Avatar
    Well folks I did! Went out and bought a BB Bold today. I love it! Anything I need to do? Do I need to update it at all?
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    02-26-12 10:32 PM
  4. boss_hog's Avatar
    Hahahaha , Apple peeps trip me out!!
    02-26-12 10:59 PM
  5. reeneebob's Avatar
    Lol that's me

    No hatred on my end. I disagreed with your statement.....I then stated why I disagreed with what you said

    Click to view quoted image
    Thank you for the Get Smart gif.

    That made my night.
    02-26-12 11:23 PM
  6. reeneebob's Avatar
    Well folks I did! Went out and bought a BB Bold today. I love it! Anything I need to do? Do I need to update it at all?
    I would put the 7.1 leak on it. The battery life improved a bit for me with that, but it gives you the diagnostics to track it should the battery misbehave like mine apparently does.
    02-26-12 11:24 PM
  7. belfastdispatcher's Avatar
    I would put the 7.1 leak on it. The battery life improved a bit for me with that, but it gives you the diagnostics to track it should the battery misbehave like mine apparently does.
    It improved a lot for me, 32 hours off the charger and not on red yet.
    02-27-12 02:14 AM
  8. guzprom's Avatar
    @renee: try disabling the permission for apps that you install or native apps you don't use. It improves battery life alot as well.. I know the battery performance can be erratic at best. But its a phone worth the trouble. Until rim come out with a better one, that is
    My reasoning for this is simple. If you look at the battery analyzer, most power is used for mobile data.. so simply put, shut off all mobile data you don't need. Correct me if i'm wrong..
    02-27-12 08:49 AM
  9. mud314's Avatar
    My two cents...if there is nothing wrong w/your iPhone at this time. Hold on to it. The 99xx is a great device, don't get me wrong. But later this year, there will be new RIM devices launched with a new OS. Unless you have the money to get both, wait. If you have the money to get both..want to adopt me?

    Seriously, I'd just wait. I am currently using the iPhone, was on the 9930, VZ. But for business, I have to say that the iPhone allows me to do a lot more, than my BB could.

    I run my own business and having the BB on VZ and email hosted with GoDaddy it was costing me an additional 30+ per month. With the iPhone I don't have to pay extra for Exchange Hosted email. Oddly enough, the iPhone tends to get my email faster than my BB, but my PB with the new OS get's even faster than both.

    W/my iPhone I can also connect to my company's network seamless and access the files I need for pretty much anything. Just the screen gets somewhat annoying at times, too small. A 4"er would be nice.
    02-27-12 06:25 PM
  10. Heckler's Avatar
    Okay, I left BB when the iP4 hit Verizon. I grew weary of battery pulls, small screen size and limited apps. Truly, having had the iP4 and now the 4S, there are times that I think heavily about going back to BB- it was a GREAT work machine.

    Why go back to BB? Because I love the physical keyboard, and most importantly, the calendar app on the iPhone SUCKS ARSE!! "Reminders" is workable, but the calendar functionality of the iPhone 4S really sucks. Everything takes twice as long to enter, and the functionality is weak.

    Ok...(steps off soapbox), having said that, it seems that BB is in a death spiral. I don't say that to flame people up, but because the company I work for (very large, multi-billion $ international company) is leaving the platform as are many others. Most of my friends have ditched BB making BBM useless. While the 9930 is a gorgeous device, it seems like a risk to make the jump back.

    I use only Mac at home and my past experience trying to sync the BB to the Mac was a daily exercise in frustration. I tried several third-party apps, the BB client for Mac (horrific) etc., all to no avail.

    Is there hope for BB in the future? Again, NOT trying to stir up controversy, I just want the functionality of the BB with a positive sync experience on the Mac...I can live without a majority of the apps. Thanks.
    02-27-12 08:30 PM
  11. AlienSlacker's Avatar
    After some serious thought I have decided to ditch my iPhone4 not because I don't love it but because I love an actual keyboard more. Im thinking about getting the new BB Bold but I have a few questions. Can I still use my mobile me address on the blackberry and...is the new bold even worth it!? Any help y'all could offer would be greatly appreciated!!!
    I came back to BB after 18 months with an Iphone4. Dont miss the Iphone for one second. Bold for me was absolutely worth it.
    02-27-12 10:29 PM
  12. henryy's Avatar
    i ditched my samsung galaxy s2 and iphone 4s for the bold 9900. LOL honestly im more of a blackberry person. it just look too convenient and mature. i need tools not toys
    02-27-12 11:37 PM
  13. Morgothor's Avatar
    I had an iPhone, and it is a great phone no doubt. Now I have a Bold 9900 (my first Blackberry ever) and I don't miss my iPhone. I don't exactly know why. The Bold can do all I want in a more streamlined way.

    And if I want media content, I got my Playbook. If you prefer your iPhone, good for you and have some great time with it. But for now, I prefer my Bold.

    That's my 2 cents...
    02-28-12 07:48 AM
  14. mariotenuta's Avatar
    Ditched my iphone for this baby . Im so happy you wont regret it !! I had the Nexus as well. Too big and clunky but some people like it. As for apps get yourself a tablet its a great combo!
    02-28-12 08:22 AM
  15. n9qzd's Avatar
    I use an Android phone as a mini tablet. Most days I just grab the 9930 and go. Just love the look and feel of the Bold. Battery life has not been a problem since I have 2 of the gold batteries and charge them on an external charger. Just pop in a new battery and go. Most of the time, my Blackberry is still going the second day on the battery. I have gotten 3 days over weekends just checking mail, text, and Facebook.
    Some minimal browsing.

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9930 using Tapatalk
    02-28-12 10:10 AM
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