1. neelzz's Avatar
    Hello , im using the os7.1 beta with mobile hotspot. When i install the OS the hotspot icon is available. and i can use it. But as soon as BIS connects the icon dissapears from the menu, NEVER TO RETURN AGAIN.... i have searched everywhere but cannot find it. i know the software is still on the phone, because i switched it on, and it dissapeared but i still had the icon at the top bar. After i turned wifi of it was fully gone

    I reinstalled it twice, and everytime BIS connects it dissapears again.....
    i live in the netherlands....

    Do they block it? i know rim can remotly block services / native apps
    01-05-12 03:03 PM
  2. mssca's Avatar
    This may be because your service provider (Carrier) blocks you from using it. I have been using the OS 7.1 since it came out and I occasionally use wifi hotspot with no issues. My BIS plan already include tethering for free as long as I am under the plan's limit.

    Your issue sounds like cause by the carrier blocking the feature. Also, the wifi hotspot is NOT an app, it is a feature that will appear under the connections drop down menu.
    01-05-12 03:12 PM
  3. hjmargarido's Avatar
    in vodafone portugal happens the same problem...when i installed 7.1 the hotspot appears and i can use it , but after a month the hotspot disapeared and there is no way to enable it.
    on the other operators (tmn , optimus) there is no way to make it work but the hotspot feature remains on the phone...
    01-05-12 03:30 PM
  4. neelzz's Avatar
    hmmms thank u both for the reply !!
    01-05-12 03:48 PM