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    okay so now that the 9790 is officially announced, we can really see the specification of both handset, and post it here
    and it would be better for those who own or owned both phone to post their experiences here too,

    looking from the crack berry blog

    the key differences are :

    99xx 1.2 Ghz
    9790 1.0 Ghz

    Screen is smaller in 9790 but both resolution are the same at 640 x 480

    99xx 5.0 MP eDof
    9790 5.0 MP auto focus (maybe they are the same as 9700 an 9780)

    both using the same JM1 battery 1230 Mah

    so far that what i noticed.

    i own a gadgets shop here in Indonesia
    and my shop will receives the first batch of this 9790 some times next week i suppose
    so till then i can really give any views or comment.

    but i'm really looking forward for it
    cause 99xx have bad reputation here in my country
    such as
    bad build quality (crocked trackpad, sharp bezel, stiff buttons, falling keyboard, etc.)
    and the battery life in 9900 even with latest OS is still not enough for 1 day of heavy use INMHO
    so i'm really looking forward for this 9790
    the only thing that maybe will hold me back is the smaller keyboard
    which is "heavenly" in my 9900
    as for the smaller screen , i don't think it will cause much problem as the resolutions is the same and i find that i really seldom use the touch screen at all, maybe I'm used to do everything via the trackpad.

    so if any of you guys have experiences , please post here

    cause even though i own a phone shop, but i still have to pay for the phone right ?
    11-15-11 02:28 PM