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  1. speedlaw's Avatar
    I'm at my wits end here. I have a Verizon 9930, running the latest software, Sept 2012. I had issues with my last one (dropping bluetooth, spontaneous reboots, occasionally would lose my incoming sound but not outgoing-needed a battery pull for that one) and Verizon replaced it under warranty, even though I only have 8 months left, and didn't extend my contract. (or sentence, depending on how you look at it)

    The new unit is much better with bluetooth connections, sounds clearer, and seems improved in many ways. The software version is the latest from the VZ store 9-16-12.

    I'm running osx version 10.6.8.

    Desktop Manager is a disaster. I've uninstalled it, reinstalled it-I've checked permissions and used Disk Manager. All is good there. I've uninstalled and reinstalled again.

    Both the old 9930 and the new one are the same. Calendar will sync (actually I never sync...I always over-write the handset and do all my scheduling and contacts on the Mac) occasionally, and then hang.

    Contacts don't load. It goes through the sequence, and I get this message:

    "Desktop Manager has encountered an error-ZERO" Please retry sync".

    I do so and this error comes up again.

    The Mac address book program is fine-no issues.

    So I have a 9930 which will occasionally write a calendar, and won't re-write the address book. Both units have the same failure, so it's the Desktop Manager. I only have Contacts because the Verizon store was able to move them via the SD chip.

    I like the 9930 overall-good wifi, plays bluetooth music, great telephone. I don't feel the need to own an iPhone, but failure to synch is fatal. I need to know who is calling me for that split second of warning. I'm sure I'm not alone.

    Anyone care at RIM ? The verizon guy who got my new phone up and running was great with the phone but doesn't go near "your" computer or "Desktop Mis-manager". Has Apple inserted a black ops team at RIM ? I'm beginning to wonder.

    I can't find a downgrade version of the DM for OSX. (yes for PC, no for Mac) In the past Desktop Manager worked decently and I'd rewrite the calendar and address book once a week. I wish I'd not checked the box "notify me of upgrades".
    Last edited by speedlaw; 09-17-12 at 08:30 PM.
    09-17-12 08:20 PM
  2. speedlaw's Avatar
    I finally fixed my hangs and "Error-ZERO" issue. I dumped all the current 2.4 DM software, and found in this forum a link to, which appears to be the update for 9930 support. (August 2011)

    The mac runs 10.6.8, the Blackberry has the latest 7.1.0 1737

    Ah, happiness and joy. My contacts updated quickly, as did my calendar. I made sure to uncheck all of the "update notifications" for all devices. It's stable and clearly newer is not better.

    Please note I don't sync music, notes or media, but as far as my core functions go, it again works. I'm not "updating" anything ever again.

    While my question was never "answered", I found this was a common problem. The nugget of advice is something I learned back in the days of Windows 95...Never, Ever mess with a stable system.
    09-19-12 08:52 AM
  3. appin's Avatar
    I can't think of one single occasion where I've upgraded a system that was working ok and thought "Wow that's a big improvement!". I can on the other hand think of many many times when I've upgraded (or been forced to upgrade) a system that was working perfectly well only to end up with something that no longer worked or was incompatible with previous software. Like you I now will only upgrade when I have no choice.
    11-23-12 12:14 PM
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