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    Hi all, could someone give me some advice please? I'm having trouble getting my 9900 to talk to my PC.

    Here's the story - I wanted to upgrade 353 to 440 on my 9900, so I went through the process of installing the new Desktop Software version and then upgrading my device. Everything seems to go smoothly, except for when it came to the "Waiting to connect to device (may take 30 minutes)" stage. After an hour, my BB screen was black so I pressed the red button to turn it on and then the install completed almost immediately. However it mentioned something about not being able to restore applications, and it looks like my BB has been almost completely reset - notably all my home icons have been reset (this didn't happen with the 353 upgrade) and all my app settings are lost.

    So now I want to try and restore a backup, so I'm trying to connect my BB to the PC and all I get is the "Your PC cannot charge this device" message (which is the problem I was trying to fix) and I don't hear any device connect tones from Windows (7).

    I have another laptop with Desktop 353 on it which seems to want to connect to the BB fine. I have tried restarting both the main PC and my BB.

    Does anyone have any suggestions please on how to get the PC to connect to the BB? Not only do I want to restore the backup, but that's the machine that has all the music I want to sync on it. I could restore the backup using my laptop but are there going to be any problems using 353 to restore a 353 backup onto a 440 device?

    Many thanks for any help you can give me!
    10-18-11 09:03 AM