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    I'm generally loving my 9930, but three apps I've relied on are not supported on this device. If you care, join me in asking for them. Meanwhile, if you know about any workarounds, please post here.
    1. New York Times app -- the one that allows downloading content for offline reading. This is a fantastic resource, much used on my 9650. The NYT isn't supporting the 9930. This is BB's flagship device. You can try tweeting to @nytjim, the assistant managing editor for digital. I did and he replied that they have no plans: Twitter / Jim Roberts: @bartongellman Sorry. We d .... More people need to ask.
    2. Amazon Kindle. No official support. I asked Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/conta...bUvbUpU7084141. Here's the non-reply: "I've let the Kindle team know that you're interested in this feature. Its very rare that we receive a feedback like yours.... We're unable to let you know the exact date when the issue will be resolved." Note that some users report success in side-loading the Kindle app: http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...es-how-672338/
    3. Dropbox. Allegedly it works, but many users including me get a frozen white screen on launch: BlackBerry Bold 9930 Dropbox Forums. Dropbox support so far just tells me it should work.
    Blackberry has sold a lot of the 9900 line, and there should be demand for these apps. Please add your voice.
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    The fact that heavyweight content providers such as Amazon and NYT have simply written off the latest generation of BBs is one of the most disturbing signs of RIM's predicament in the US, at least.

    Both apps are in the Windows Phone Marketplace, along with several DropBox clients. That gives the impression of the Windows Phone app ecosystem "leapfrogging" BB...

    Anyway, to answer your questions...

    1. The Kindle workaround works fine for me.

    2. The FileScout app has good DropBox capabilities, and is useful in other ways too. It's not quite the same as a dedicated DropBox app, but since I bought it I deleted the regular DropBox app, since FileScout could do more.

    3. Can't help you with NYT.
    02-01-12 12:26 PM
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    FileScout is a good idea. REALLY want help with NYT. Hope lots of people will ask the NYT for support.
    02-01-12 12:49 PM