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    I'm trying to delete a wallpaper I downloaded, but when I select the file and press the delete key there's a "cannot delete file in use" message. I'm not using the picture for my wall paper anymore, and I tried the battery pull and I still can't delete it. Anybody in this forum knows what's going on here and how to delete this file?
    12-10-11 07:12 PM
  2. Gerrardough's Avatar
    try to plug it on your pc/laptop and open up SD-card and try delete it from there.
    otherwise if you really can't delete it, it's corrupted lol.
    I didn't really think of going that route. Thanks!!!
    12-10-11 07:26 PM
  3. T
    Try deleting it using the computer with your card in a card reader or using the device as a usb. If that doesn't work, Google a program called "Unlocker Assistant." (Filehippo might even have it.) It's a small program that will "unlock" a file that's "in use" on a disc and allow you to delete it. I've had good luck deleting stuff from my computer whenever this "cannot delete/file is in use" matter has come up. (Sometimes, on a BlackBerry, a battery pull will fix this also.)
    12-10-11 07:28 PM
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    You could try deleting it from the file by opening the Files icon.

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    12-10-11 08:39 PM