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    So long story short, i was on my NEW 9930 at a music festival when some drunken f***face bumped into me, hurling the phone onto the ground, which was wet. Since it was a festival no one but me noticed and no fewer than 3 people stepped on my phone before i could get to it. Needless to say, it doesn't work. After dissassembly and scraping out all of the mud that i could, and trying to dry it off it still won't really cut on. however, when i hook it up to my laptop via usb, the red light comes on and i can hear it constantly being "discovered" and "disconnected" at various intervals. My question is: does this mean there's a chance i could at least pull information that i saved directly to the onboard memory? Specifically media, bc i recorded my friends fight that took place THE DAY BEFORE THE INCIDENT so he could have a different angle to watch tape of. Any information would help. Thanks

    Big S

    Edit: also, the red led light comes on and off at will
    10-04-11 02:35 PM