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    Folks, i suspect this topic has been discussed before for other devices (or perhaps other forums). Reckon there is no harm asking similar question, just to be sure. I am getting 9900 soon and will need to transfer all my mails/contacts/sms/BBM contacts/some pictures on SD from 9700 running OS5. Clearly I do not wish to create problems for the 9900, hence need advise from experienced crackberry members here. Heard some stories about programs not running properly, wasted space or memory etc.

    Safest bet:

    1) Device Switch minus third party apps? This means settings etc on the old device will be transferred as well? Would the settings on OS5 transfer fine to OS7.


    2) Start clean, ie backup data using backup/restore function in DM, insert the BES-enabled SIM card into new phone (BES should automatically detect new phone), then manually select data that I wish to transfer to new device (address book, emails, sms, BBM contacts)?

    I have Blackberry ID. Understand this is mandatory for 9900 as well.

    I am still running DM 5.0.1 - do I need to upgrade to newest DM for 9900?

    Your thoughts will be much appreciated

    10-24-11 04:03 AM
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    here's my experience switching from my 9780 to 9900

    1. yes, i switch my device without the 3rd apps but that just me, as for settings i set it the same
    2. i dont know how BES works since i'm using BIS but first i back up my data through Desktop Manager after that i restore it.

    blackberry id mandatory? maybe not, i only use blackberry id for downloading apps in blackberry world,. as for Desktop Manager, i still use version it's not the newest version but it worked.
    10-24-11 04:30 AM
  3. TrespassersW's Avatar
    I upgraded from a 9800 to the 9900. I heard some bad feedback about the Device Switch Wizard so I did not use that. I just backed up the 9800 (using the latest version of Desktop Manager) and restored to the 9900. No problems at all.
    BlackBerry ID is required to use all BlackBerry services on OS7.

    Good luck!
    10-24-11 04:39 AM
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    I am on BESX and just went from 9000 to 9930. When I activated the phone to the BES server it restored all my info to the new phone. I didn't know it was going to do this. I actually didn't want this to happen I wanted to start with a clean phone and only transfer only what I wanted to move. It saved me some time but now I have to go in and clean house.
    And yes BB ID is required.
    10-24-11 08:24 AM
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    I updated from an old 8310 Curve (AT&T) to the new Bold 9930, using the Switch Device option in the Desktop Manager software.

    I did manage to move all data (saved text msgs, emails, contacts, passwords (stored in Password Keeper))

    Images stored on memory cards, of course you need to move these manually.

    It also moved the full mailbox (a gmail mailbox) including all messages. However, somehow these are not accessible through the new mailbox created when I setup the new Bold. The old messages are still accessible through the main Messages box.

    Not sure if I could have done it another way -- there is a 'switch device' option in BIS - but since i moved from AT&T to Verizon, that was not an option.
    10-24-11 09:06 AM
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    I updated from a 9700 to a 9900 using the Device Switch wizard in DM - no problems. Everything got moved over that I needed (contacts, Calendar, BBM contacts), As for the pictures - when I moved my SDMMC card from my old phone to my new one they appeared, but I didn't try to view them without the card so I'm not sure if they were just on the card and got moved that way, or the DS wizard moved them.

    I'd recommend syncing them to your computer from your 9700, then you can always move them back if necessary!
    10-24-11 11:22 AM
  7. mw888's Avatar
    Thank you all for your feedback. Will go with manual restoration, just to be safe. Sorry, I am on BIS, not BES.

    One last question please.

    Shall I transfer the data to 9900, and then insert the BIS enabled SIM


    Insert BIS enabled SIM first, then transfer selected data to new phone.

    I have not done this for a long time - dont like to wipe the device and start over.

    Thanks again for your valuable feedback.

    10-25-11 09:57 PM
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    Just had 4 days from **** switching from my 2nd Bold 9700
    To my 3rd Bold 9900!
    Used the transfer method which crashed, restarted tried again
    However this is were the problems started, my phone 9900
    Refused to shake hands with the BB server and refused to
    Log into M
    My BB I'd account, eneded up with the tech team of Vodafone
    UK looking at the problem, however in a bid to solve the problem
    Promptly they went for a phone swap.
    While waiting I decided to do a security wipe which corrected
    The problem.
    Its taken 4 days to get it working properly only to find the battery
    Life I'd appaling (can't last a day), on a full charge yesterday
    I had 1 hour worth of calls, 3 txts and 3 bbms and I was in the
    Orange near flat battery!

    I found I had to do a few transfers and select certain information
    Manually to get everything over!
    You will need the BB I'd working as you need this not only for
    App world and BB protect but you can't set up e-mail accounts
    Properly without it! At least that's how it affected me!

    Its the first time the transfer device desktop software has failed
    On me so I'm sure its a one off!

    Although Vodafone UK Tech are aware of this problem occuring
    On several occasions and it appears to be associated with the 9900.

    I know these phones can be a bit querky when first released
    But my experiance so far is not encouraging, and if the battery
    Can't last a day its of little use to me!

    Good luck!


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    10-26-11 12:46 AM
  9. DetectiveBerry's Avatar
    just insert the SIM card and then transfer the data and you're good to go.
    10-26-11 12:46 AM
  10. bwgreen's Avatar
    I just transferred the SIM when the wizard prompted me to - I kept it in my 9700 while it did a full backup of it, transferred the SIM, then let it do the full restore. Worked for me. Some of the apps got transferred that shouldn't have - I deleted the ones that didn't work properly.
    10-26-11 06:39 AM
  11. diego.roscetti's Avatar
    I just transferred the SIM when the wizard prompted me to - I kept it in my 9700 while it did a full backup of it, transferred the SIM, then let it do the full restore. Worked for me. Some of the apps got transferred that shouldn't have - I deleted the ones that didn't work properly.
    That is exactly what I did as well. I did not however transfer any apps.

    After all my main data was transferred (Mail, contacts, settings, etc.) I simply went into app world and manually installed the apps that were compatible to the device. Saves the trouble of having apps that are not compatible installed onto the device, which might create some trouble.
    10-26-11 06:46 AM