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    Anyone else with a Bold on 9900 have trouble getting the data services connected and running as designed? I have had one time my Bold connected as a champ...but as time has passed and I have wanted to set my Z10 aside for a bit and reactivate the OS7 device, it seems like pulling teeth. So frustrating....finally today after three hours of working with different ATT tech reps and still not getting my email to work right, I gave up and went back to my Z10 (which I have to say is a pretty good tool in its own right). Just wondering if ATT just doesn't do OS7 well anymore?

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    10-30-14 08:17 PM
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    All you would have to ask the AT&T reps is to activate the 9900 with the BlackBerry Internet Service.

    New BB10 devices, such as your Z10, does not utilize BIS.

    I switch frequently and have not had an issue going back to my 9900.

    Hope this helped.
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    11-01-14 08:18 PM
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    Yes...got it going...am convinced it depends on the ATT tech rep and how aware they are of Blackberry processes. I did find too that rolling the OS back to the ATT OS from the 1098 leak seemed to open it up to connect as well. May try to do the 1098 again now that I'm up and running...at some time...happy tho now to have it going (except for the MMS not connecting...my other post).

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    11-02-14 10:17 PM

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