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    I'm trying to construct a custom mount for my 9900.

    I currently have a fairly generic mount that works, but it occurred to me I might be able to take the windshield mount I have and 'meld' it with a charging dock (the standard BB dock that is available in the CB store).

    The main issue I have is what material can I use to bond the two pieces together? I need something that will allow me to build up as well as anchor them so I can get the angle right (the 9900 doesn't seem to charge well if the angle is off at all - thus the need to build it up).

    I'm not exactly Mister Fix-it - any suggestions on what material I might use to build up and bond the two?
    09-16-11 05:13 PM
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    01-09-12 09:47 PM
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    I have that charging dock and it is very touchy. I'd like to see some pics if you figure out a way to do this. btw, Kevin's video review of the charging dock was hilarious (see it here).
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