1. zeelob's Avatar
    So, i go into Playlist and then New Playlist. Then i'm prompted "Standard Playlist" or "Automatic Playlist" So i choose "Standard Playlist". i'm prompted to name the Playlist, which i do and then i click on "OK" and nothing happens. I've rebooted several times and it does not fix the problem. i've already created 2 playlists on this phone. i'm running vs. 585
    01-31-12 03:03 PM
  2. Timbo_UK's Avatar
    I just open the playlist then at the top is an option to add song.... works fine. Are the newly created playlists not showing under playlists?
    01-31-12 03:49 PM
  3. rems's Avatar
    Yea having the same issue. The playlist doesn't show up.
    But it's there cuz when I try to create a new playlist with the same name, it says there's already one with that name...
    02-01-12 07:05 AM
  4. sjengie's Avatar

    How do i create a playlist containing only eg 2010 or 2009 etc songs ?
    03-11-12 10:03 AM