1. lcchick's Avatar
    Hi everyone, I'm looking to get a 9930 and hope someone can answer a couple of questions for me. I've had Curves, a tour, a Style, and a few androids. I'm using the Photon Q now but it's frustrating to say the least. It does a few nice things and I'm hoping maybe the 9930 does too. First, does the Waze app work on the 9930? Also, is this phone 4g capable? Not that Sprint has 4g in my area yet, but they claim it's coming soon. Thanks!
    01-31-13 06:38 PM
  2. Deanig_12's Avatar
    The bold is anice little device I have the 9900 and I can't be separated just yet I love my phone and I think waze dose support blackberry Waze: Way to go and as the 4G capabiliy I think it is but you will have to do abit more searching or wait for sumone reply hope this helps welcome to bb!
    01-31-13 07:07 PM
  3. Phill_UK's Avatar
    Also, is this phone 4g capable?
    Nope... just HSPA+
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    01-31-13 07:28 PM
  4. lcchick's Avatar
    Thanks for the speedy responses! Waze never worked right on my Style, even though it says its BB compatible. Might have just been that specific device tho, many apps that worked on other BBs didn't work on that little one.
    01-31-13 07:37 PM
  5. jarbootsy's Avatar
    The 9900 on Sprint will not get 4G. Just Sprint's 3G. It will be fine though, except it may be a little slow when streaming.
    01-31-13 10:32 PM
  6. Emu the Foo's Avatar
    Yeah. Sprints 3G only on the phone but itl might hold you over. Question! Why a bold now and now wait for the Q10 on sprint since that's what they will be getting. Its 4G LTE as well as a bigger screen and more capable. Don't get me wrong I love my 9930 (which is what the sprint version is) but I will be switching sometime this year.
    02-01-13 02:19 AM
  7. lcchick's Avatar
    Thanks for the answers. The reason for the Bold and not Q10 is because I'm not due to upgrade for nearly forever. I just got the Photon Q in October but I don't love it. I usually just get used phones but for the Photon Q I bit the bullet and upgraded. About a month later, I remembered why I always get used phones--namely no big loss if I don't like it. So I'm looking for a used Bold which will be probably less than half the price of the Q10. The PQ is nice, but I type all day on my keyboard and the slider just isn't my favorite. I have small hands and the BB keyboard is perfect. I thought I could deal with the slider but I was wrong.
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    02-01-13 03:55 PM

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